CCC Sophie T

CCC Sophie T is just the sweetest girl. Big brown eyes and the most gentle nature you could imagine. On top of that, she’s beautifully put together and passes on her gorgeous disposition to her calves. She’s easy to handle and an easy breeder by both A.I. and herd sire.

She’s mum to young beauty CCC Alicia D (by Rodeo Max) and the coolest-bull-in-the-world, CCC Toby K (by Jet Black Chex).

Sire: Coolamon Victor (A.I. Victory Lap)
Dam: Skinny Lizard Freckles
DOB: 23 July 2011
Grade: Purebred

Heifer Progeny (click links below to view):
CCC Alicia D – 2015
CCC Ashleigh B – 2017

White Texas Longhorn cow with brown head walking across paddock
CCC Sophie T- purebred Texas Longhorn cow