Longhorn beef @ Capital Bar & Grill, Canberra

You can see from Cory’s face, there’s nothing better than seeing your own grass-fed Texas Longhorn beef in the ageing fridge of a fancy restaurant, except perhaps eating your own grass-fed Texas Longhorn beef in said fancy restaurant!  Chefs at Canberra’s Capitol Bar and Grill were excited to meet our herd (selfies were taken!) and trial our beef late last year.  Most went into the ageing fridge, but they invited us to a fancy meal where they served our beef alongside Angus.   Sure, we’re biased and Angus steaks are lovely, but *there*was*truly*no*comparison*.   Longhorn beef is amazing at the best of times, but the Angus didn’t hold a candle to the Longhorn when cooked by these super-chefs and compared this closely.