Speargrass Ruby

We were very taken by Speargrass Ruby when we first saw her at John and Jan Bastardi’s place at Deepwater, NSW in 2009. So, when the opportunity to purchase her from subsequent owners, the Press’s, we jumped at it. She’s was a great addition to the herd providing us with a beautiful heifer by Beretta 531 in 2018, a colourful brindle bull (now steer) in 2019 and a lovely little red heifer by Cut’n Dried in 2020. It was a sad day to see her go but we know she’s in good hands and will be treasured as she deserves.

Purebred Texas Longhorn cow standing in paddock
Speargrass Ruby with calf at foot

Sire: (A.I.) Rebel Red
Dam: Speargrass Preezing (A.I. by Westward Ho)
DOB: 16 July 2009
Grade: Purebred