About CCC

usWelcome to Cowboy Cattle Company (CCC) Texas Longhorns.  Here at CCC, we are passionate about breeding high quality Texas longhorn cattle with a balance of important traits, including correct confirmation, good colour, quiet disposition and excellent horn.

The CCC stud was established in 2001, with a small herd of cross-bred cows (purebred and fullblood females were hard to come by).  Having some incredible Texas longhorn genetics from America available to us in Australia has allowed us to breed-up to a position where we now have approximately 100 breeding-age females, 5 herd sires and semen from 7 American and Canadian sires in the A.I. tank.  The majority of our herd are now purebred (Australian registered), however we also have a number of fullblood (American registered) females.  We have also retained some lovely cross-bred females, as they’re known to produce the best time-event steers.

We’re delighted to see growing evidence of success with each new crop of calves, and in the development of our youngest females. Our selected bulls have infused our herd with great hide colours and patterns, fantastic horn growth and lovely temperaments.


The staff here at CCC (slaves to the cattle that is) are Cory and Alison.  Cory’s a plant mechanic by trade, but one of those annoying turn-his-hand-to-anything/ good at everything kind of people.  Alison is an escaped public servant, now vineyard worker/ website creator/ social media/ various other jobs person (and loving it!).

We keep busy with cattle, horses, working and pet dogs and an array of other creatures around our place.  In our free time when we’re not looking after animals, we love to…wait…what free time?


If you’d like to read more about the numerous benefits of breeding Texas longhorn cattle in Australia please visit Texas Longhorns Australia. For a more in-depth history of this incredibly versatile breed please visit the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association Of America site. If you’re interested in viewing or purchasing stock please inquire by using our contact form.