CCC Elizabeth H

Elizabeth, born in 2010 is one of the first generations of purebred Texas Longhorns that we had bred here at CCC. And like her coat in summer, we struck gold with her. Elizabeth is not only a lovely, big gentle cow, but she’s added 6 beautiful heifers to our herd, all from A.I. pregnancies. Amongst others, she’s the dam of three other CCC favourites, CCC Samantha A (by BH Bubba), CCC Shania T (by Trip Wire) and CCC Annie O (by Jet Black Chex).

Her daughters have gone on to produce some more gorgeous heifers for us in CCC Hollie (out of Sam) and CCC Trip the Trigger (out of Shania).

Sire: Coolamon Victor (A.I. Victory Lap)
Dam: CCC Julia R
DOB: 1 October 2010
Grade: Purebred

Heifer Progeny (click links below to view):
CCC Samantha A – 2013
CCC Taylor S – 2104
CCC Shania T – 2015
CCC Annie O – 2016
Jet Black Chex heifer – 2017 – sold
CCC – Charlotte C – 2018

Purebred texas longhorn cow in long grass